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Help! I dropped my car keys in water

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 by Jennifer

Technology and water are often a bad combination, and that’s certainly the case when your car keys meet water – whether in a pool, a storm drain, or (most commonly of all) the toilet. The key itself might be unaffected, but your remote key fob is another story. Apart from fishing them out, what can you do?

As your local auto locksmith in San Antonio, we’ve come up with a step-by-step plan of action for this tricky situation.  Want to save your keys? Keep reading.

Step 1: If you have a standard remote key fob, open it up, remove the battery to prevent short circuiting, and allow everything to dry for a full day before reassembling and attempting to use it. You may also want to try a new battery. If it works, great! Your key is saved. Phew!

Step 2: If you have a Smart key, opening it up may be difficult. Remove as much water as possible and test on your door and the ignition.

Step 3: After trying steps 1 and 2, if your remote key fob and Smart key are not working, you will need new keys. Check to see if car keys are covered by your warranty. If so, it’s time to give your dealer a call.

Step 4: If your warranty has expired, call an automotive locksmith for an estimate on new keys and key fobs. (For everyday low prices, give us a try at 210-637-0303.) San Antonio auto locksmiths can usually replace car keys and remote key fobs for less than your dealer, and since they’re mobile, they can even save you a trip to the dealership and a lengthy wait.

We hope you succeed in resuscitating your car keys! If not, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio is a phone call away at 210-637-0303 if you want new car keys or remote key fobs. We stand behind our upfront estimates and fast, affordable car key services.

Photo credit: Keys by John Loo